Marvel Learning: Spider-Man Phonics Flash Cards

Spider-Man is on a mission! But this time, it’s not about catching bad guys. It’s all about reading and books! Spidey wants to help YOU find your inner reading hero, so you can climb to the top of the class in school. (And enjoy all of his cool books, of course.) Where can you start? Easy-peasy! Right here, with Spider-Man’s phonics cards. They contain eight cool games to play with Spidey: the fun way to master letters and phonic sounds. Let Spidey boost your superhero skills and your reading skills for school.

  • Fun phonics games with the legendary webbed wonder
  • Contains 55 double-sided cards to play eight games
  • All the alphabet letters plus 24 digraphs and trigraphs
  • Beautifully illustrated cards with clear instructions

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