Max the Detective Cat #2: The Phantom Portrait

A cat. A curse. A castle. A spooky mystery with a furry twist. Max isn’t just a cat. He’s a feline mystery-buster – and now he has another cool case to solve. Max and his entire theatre company have travelled to Lord Fawley’s castle to put on a show for his daughter’s Halloween birthday ball. The rehearsals start well, but ghostly goings-on soon have the actors in a panic. And don’t even mention the spooky rumours of a family curse! But Max is on the case, and his whiskers are prickling with suspicion. Do these strange events have more to do with jewels than ghouls?

  • Part of a delightful new series by a real-life actress
  • Full of action, hi-jinks and purrfectly spooky twists
  • Highly readable fiction with whimsical illustrations
  • Ideal for fans of Pugly and Guinea Pigs Online

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