Mega Mash-Up: Dinosaurs v Romans on Mars

A draw-your-own-adventure book which needs YOU! What if the Romans and the dinosaurs lived on Mars? A planet of scary space ‘saurs and gory gladiators and strange robotic inventions! And what if a huge asteroid was about to crash into the planet and explode? What would they all do? Would they invent something spectacular and then have some crazy fun and games? Or would they all get sizzled and squished? You’ll have to finish the illustrations to find out! So if you can imagine it – draw it!

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    it is cool

    6 March 2013

  • loved it

    This book is set in Roma(n)(dino) saur-ia, where Romans and dinosaurs live together peacefully… But an asteroid is heading their way so if the dinosaur/romans create a wacky invention each, will this be enough to defeat the asteroid? I liked the way this book is made, there are spaces where you can draw in what you think should be in that area. This book is very creative. @@@@@/5.

    Ben, age 10

    14 March 2011

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