Mermaids to the Rescue #1: Nixie Makes Waves

Be brave and keep the seas safe! Nixie is a mermaid on a mission: to join the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew. Along with her magical seapony partner, she’ll save merpeople in danger and patrol the seas for signs of trouble. It’s the perfect job for Nixie – creative, fearless and dedicated. She can’t wait to prove herself! But things start to go wrong when Nixie is matched with Rip: a speedy seapony who’s top of his class, but also a strict rule-follower. Rip and Nixie couldn’t be more different. She’s not very good at sticking to rules, for a start! Can Nixie and Rip learn to pool their talents and prove that opposites attract?

  • From a fabulous new series – mermaids, magic and danger
  • By the author of the popular Enchanted Pony Academy books
  • All about facing challenges, being brave and doing your best
  • Short fiction that builds fluency, for fans of Rainbow Magic

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