Miracle Pets

All pets are beautiful. But some are more than that. These miracle pets faced death, and lived. As brave as any human, but much fluffier! Like the dachshund who was snatched up by an eagle, but fought back in midair. The two pigs who escaped from a sausage factory, leaped into an icy river and swam to safety. And the pet cat who was trapped for two months under the concrete floor of a new building. Just a few of the brave animals you’ll meet in this book. Be moved and amazed by their true stories of survival.

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    this book is so cool! i love snakebit hero and the one of paddy paws!i love this book!!!!!!!

    3 October 2013

  • liked it

    I love it! Its so cute and sad for all those animals. Also how the dog bit the snake and the snake bit the dog and it died. The dog was thoughtful to save the children. They are so strong to live like that cat that got stuck in the fire. They just touch my heart.

    23 May 2012

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