Misunderstood Shark

He’s NOT scary! He NEVER eats people! That’s what Shark says. But do you believe him? If you ever swim at the beach, you’ll know there’s nothing scarier than a SHARK! EEEK! After all, sharks are dangerous and hungry. Or are they? When a TV crew go diving to take a look at sea life, they meet a shark who claims he’s just misunderstood. He wasn’t going to eat that fish. He was just saying hello. And his huge teeth aren’t for gobbling people up. He just loves to smile. What do YOU think? Is the shark trying to eat anyone – or not? This book invites you to decide…

  • A quirky, clever picture book including fun shark facts
  • By the highly acclaimed author of Wolfie the Bunny
  • Asks kids to make a decision by weighing up arguments
  • A very funny story exploring who we can or can’t trust

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