Moon Bear

When twelve-year-old Tam is sent to work at a bear farm in the city, he is horrified by the cruel and heartless way the animals are treated. But what can he do? His family are in desperate need of the money his job brings. He despairs – feeling trapped and alone – until a sick bear cub arrives on the farm. Tam nurses his new friend back to health and they come to share an unbreakable bond. Now he is more sure than ever that he must do something to break the cycle of cruelty. He vows to give this special bear his freedom back – but it will take all his courage to stand against his employers, especially when the lives of his loved ones are at stake.

Based on the real-life plight of bears imprisoned on bear farms in Asia, Moon Bear is an unforgettable story of love in a place of sorrow, and bravery against overwhelming odds.

Praise for Sky Hawk:

“Opens your eyes, touches your heart, and is so engaging it almost turns the pages for you.” Michael Morpurgo

“Rich in atmosphere and full of heart… A book to treasure.” Julia Eccleshare, Guardian

We say:

“Gill Lewis is one of the most exciting new writers around. She writes powerful, inspirational adventures about relationships, wildlife issues and making the right choices. If you’re a Michael Morpurgo fan then you’ll love this.” Kate, Scholastic Book Clubs

You say:

“I just couldn’t put it down! I rate this book 10/10, Lewis wrote the book from the heart, it makes you cry, get angry, fearful and it’s like you are actually in the middle of it all.” Ben, aged 13

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  • I just couldn’t put it down…

    Moon Bear is a great book. It is very sad but at times quite happy. It definitely does justice for the bears in Asia that are locked up in cages on bear farms. I absolutely love the happy ending- read the book to find out what it is!

    My favourite character is Savanh, she is a great role model and is willing to do her part for the wildlife around her. When she is ill she needs bear bile from a bear cub named Sôok-Dî. She realises that it is killing the bear cub and gives up the treatment, going against her fathers wishes and putting her life on the line.

    My favourite scene is right at the end in the amazing twist (I could tell you it would take the suprise out of it)!

    I rate this book 10/10, Lewis wrote the book from the heart, it makes you cry, get angry, fearful and it is like your actually in the middle of it all. Lewis gets you attached to the character and makes you feel sympathy for them which is great because when bad things happen you can’t put the book down because you want to make sure the character is okay.

    Ben, aged 13

    Moon bear is a great book. Gill Lewis wrote this book extremely well as when you read it you feel sad,angry,outraged and happy. My favourite character is either Savanh,Tam’s Grandfather or Sôok-díi,the bear cub.

    I absolutely hate the doctor.He is so cruel to the bears.It is so sad that this happens to bears in real life.I loved this book and I can’t wait for more from Gill!

    Caoimhe, aged 12

    16 April 2013

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  • Photo of Gill Lewis

    Gill Lewis

    Gill Lewis is the acclaimed author of brilliant animal adventure stories like Sky Hawk, White Dolphin and Moon Bear.


    Sky Hawk won the 2012 Leeds, Salford and UKLA Book Awards.

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