Morgan Charmley: Teen Witch

Forget Hogwarts: this witch wants to go to a normal school. But will she be able to control her powers? Morgan Charmley has spent her entire thirteen years on the planet trying to prove she’s got her witchy skills down pat. Why? Because she dreams of going to a non-magic school – making friends and fitting in with typical teens. And now the day has come! But will Morgan be able to resist turning her teachers into toads? Or casting spells to make herself popular? Or doing all the other things you might do in class if you had magical powers? Keeping secrets can be tough…

  • First in a whipsmart new series – school plus magic!
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for younger readers
  • Laugh-out-loud, fresh comedy with an on-trend feel
  • Katy Birchall writes the best-loved series The It Girl

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