Moshi Monsters: MonStar Rooms Handbook

Make all your monsters smile with super tips and themes for decorating their homes. If you want to keep monsters, keep them in star style! In this totally unique book, Home Fashions expert Tyra Fangs gives you her top tips for making your room a contender for the MonStar room of the week. That means tons of ideas for Moshi room makeovers, made to suit all your different monsters’ tastes. There are fantastic ready-made themes, fab furnishings and loads of cool stickers, plus a FREE virtual gift for your monster’s room! Now all your adopted pals will feel right at home!

With 100 stickers and a FREE virtual gift!

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  • Wow! I loved this mon-STAR book! I’m a member so I can pay for anything on Moshi Monsters and it really helped me! Feel free to add me, my username is dullroom2154♥

    24 December 2014

  • This gives u tips on how to decorate your room.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    Very good book and would read again with cool secret code and all the room tips

    20 August 2012

  • rubbish

    it is boring

    27 May 2012

  • i t is super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

    11 April 2012

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