My Adorable: Fox

Perfectly named and perfect inside. New animal fiction by the author of the RSPCA books. Read all about the adorable critters you dream of. Mia is feeling really lonely. Katie used to be her best friend, but now she’s started hanging out with Zara instead. Luckily Mia’s found a great way to take her mind off things: four adorable fox cubs! They’ve been abandoned by their mum. Now the local animal rescue centre is caring for them until they’re big enough to go back to the wild. When Mia starts helping out, she soon forms a strong bond with the smallest cub. But she hasn’t forgotten Katie and Zara…

  • Gorgeous animal fiction by popular author Sarah Hawkins
  • Sarah wrote the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home books
  • Includes beautiful pictures, facts and animal care tips
  • Reassuring story of animals, family and friendship

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