My Best Friend: My Best Friend the Suffragette

It’s 1913. Christine has been taught that a girl’s place is at home, looking after her family and putting up with BEASTLY BIG BROTHERS. Mary has been taught that a girl’s place is learning how to CHANGE THE WORLD. They might disagree about the women’s vote, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. But soon the suffragette campaign threatens to bring the nation to its knees – with buildings BURNING, windows SMASHING, postboxes EXPLODING. As the girls’ letters fly back and forth across London, will their friendship survive?

  • A dramatic story exploring the suffragette movement
  • Follows two best friends as history is made in 1913
  • Told through the letters of two eleven-year-old girls
  • A hugely readable account that’s full of real history

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