My Brother the Werewolf: Puppy Love!

Daniel and Justin Packer are wildly different twins with a hairy-scary secret! But hiding a little werewolf problem doesn’t mean they’re going to give up on normal life. Daniel has vowed to win the Battle of the Bands with his rock group, and win the gorgeous Debi’s heart. But when his lyrics go missing, his dreams of stardom lie in tatters. Meanwhile, Justin is desperate to avoid being crowned Homecoming King, in case it means having to slow-dance with snotty cheerleader Mackenzie Barton. The only person Justin wants to dance with is Riley, but she doesn’t even know he exists. Will Daniel’s band ever get a lucky break? Will Justin avoid a smoochy slow-dance with mean queen Mackenzie? And what will happen if Riley and Debi discover the twins’ after-dark secret?

From the author of the brilliant My Sister the Vampire series comes this howlingly funny look at life as a secret werewolf!

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  • I think it’s nice.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    I really love m sister is a vampire so I hope this would be as good as that

    9 July 2013

  • liked it

    this book is by the same author of my sister the vampire who is sienna mercer.

    If you are sienna mercer fan then this would be perfect for you and even if your not a huge fan of her it is still really sutible for you but the age can be a strict rule for this book – 9-11.

    Hope you enjoy reading this and the book and even more sienna mercer books.

    But remmeber what I said there is strict rules about the age group which again is 9-11 in my opinion

    7 July 2013

  • same verdict as the other in the series

    6 July 2013

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