My Brother's Name is Jessica

Sam has known Jessica all his life. But tonight they’re meeting for the first time.

Sam Waver has always been a loner: bullied, struggling at school, with parents who have very little time for him. The one person he has always been able to rely on is his beloved older sibling. But when they announce that they are transitioning, Sam’s life is thrown upside down. He feels as if nothing will ever be the same again. And in some ways, he’s right. But as Sam is about to discover, nothing is more constant than love…

  • A moving, heartfelt portrait of a family’s journey to acceptance
  • Explores important and topical LGBTQ+ and transgender issues
  • John Boyne’s many books include The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • His books have won multiple awards and sold over 10 million copies

“A story with so much heart that the pages practically pulse. Both funny and moving… this is a must-read for all ages.” Irish Independent

“This poignant and disarming story is full of heart and its crescendo will give you tingles.” Attitude Magazine

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  • Awards

    John Boyne has won several awards for Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, including two Irish Book Awards and the Bisto Children’s Book Award.

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