My First Handwriting Chart

Stickers and fun to help you write better. A colourful chart for daily practice. There’s a reward poster, a pen and over 250 fun stickers. Plus – the chart wipes clean. Goodbye to mistakes! Write directly onto it, tracing around the alphabet letters. Soon you’ll be able to write each letter out without any help. Don’t feel nervous – if something goes wrong, just wipe clean and try it again. In fact, wiping clean is such fun you’ll never want to stop!

  • Wipe-clean fun to get kids started with handwriting
  • Includes a reward poster and 250 reward stickers
  • Allows children to master letter shapes by tracing
  • Worry-free format where mistakes just wipe away

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    I had this when I was starting school and it helped me with letters that I struggled with, its very helpful

    7 March 2014

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