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Share your insta-creativity, whatever your talent is. (We’ll even help you find it.) Creativity is everywhere! Sites like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are packed with cute crafts, beauty ideas and yummy recipes. Having so much choice is awesome. But it makes picking a project as tricky as finding the filter for a perfect selfie. Luckily, this gorgeously colourful book is here to help you find your mojo. From baking to beauty/fashion, party planning and room decoration, it’s stuffed with tips, fill-in lists, recipes, makes, hairstyles and craft ideas. Find your thing.

  • Hardback file bursting with crafts, tips and inspiration
  • Includes stencils, thread, fabric and patterned Washi tape
  • Try your hand at recipes, hairstyles, art projects and more
  • Learn how to showcase your creations on social media

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