My Little Pony: Applejack and the Secret Diary Switcheroo

A sweet-as-pie tale of secrets and friends. You’ll love the activity pages and puzzles. The only problem? Though apples are perfect in a pie, Applejack is in a pickle. She’s started a secret diary about her life at Sweet Apple Acres. But she soon finds herself noting down all the annoying things her friends do. Before long, Applejack’s diary looks more like a list of complaints. And then it falls into the wrong hooves…

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  • it was ok but it should be a real diary

    11 August 2015

  • loved it

    OMG!!! Such a good book I love it when Pinkie breaks into random song about helping on an apple orchard! And that diary, AJ wrote some harsh stuff! But I love the ending so much! I can’t wait for the last one Fluttershy and the Furry Friends Fair to come out! 😊💗

    10 April 2015

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