My Little Pony: Super Sparkly Sticker Fun

What do your My Little Pony friends love? Sparkles and rainbows! (Perfect together, just like diamonds and pearls.) Just check out the ponies’ beautiful names – Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie. Is it any surprise that they love to sparkle up your world? Well, in this sticker book, you get to return the favour. Step into the gorgeous world of Equestria to glitter it up even more! Use over 100 sparkly stickers to fill in the pretty pictures. Plus: there are colouring, drawing and puzzle activities. The ponies love it – and so will you!

  • A bonanza of sparkly fun in the world of My Little Pony
  • Includes a glittery cover and over 100 sparkly stickers
  • Puzzles, colouring and doodling – great for creative kids
  • Beautiful colour pictures of these popular pony friends

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