My Story: D-Day

The day that changed the war: so real you’ll taste the cordite. It’s an epic turning-point. D-Day: the battle that marks the first real step for the Allies towards winning World War II. 6th June, 1944. Thousands of British planes and warships carry soldiers across the Channel to attack Nazi-occupied France. They land on the Normandy beaches. The Germans aren’t expecting them. Lieutenant Andy Pope is one of a squad ordered to cut off the German line of retreat. Under heavy attack, he’s left as the last officer in command. By sunset, the Allied forces have breached Hitler’s Atlantic Wall on the Normandy coast. It’s a mighty victory. But will Andy live to see it?

  • A thrilling fictional diary with a FREE clip-on compass
  • From a best-loved series with over a million copies sold
  • Written in a first-person voice that resonates with tension
  • Exciting historical reading that supports the curriculum

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  • Bryan Perrett

    Bryan Perrett is a war veteran, having served in the Royal Armoured Corps, the Westminster Dragoons and the Royal Tank Regiment. He is a distinguished military historian and has written extensively for Osprey, Cassell and Arms and Armour Press. He is the author of My Story:Trafalgar, Crimea and D-Day for Scholastic and has written several Warpath titles for Puffin.

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