My Type on Paper

Dumped! Ouch! Maya’s fairytale romance hasn’t had a happy ending. Yet love is still out there, if she can rewrite her story… Maya was meant to be enjoying a last romantic summer with her BF before heading off to uni. But he’s just pied her off. So – now what? Well, her friends have promised to find her a cute new fling. Plus, she has a summer job at the fancy new beach resort in town. Hot weather, hot guys, hot opportunities… it’s a dead cert. How can she fail to meet the guy of her dreams? It all looks perfect on paper. But real life isn’t quite that simple. Three (or is that four?) guys. One girl. Who should Maya go for?

  • An addictively bright and breezy summer romance
  • Full of the fun and glamour of a holiday by the pool
  • Perfect for fans of The Kissing Booth and Jenny Han
  • Funny, fresh, heartwarming and endlessly optimistic

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