My Very Own Horse

The activity book for besties who love horses and each other. Heaps of pony fun to share. We all like a good quiz, right? Well, here’s a book full of them. Quizzes. Activities. Fill-in pages. Friendship fun. Gorgeous horses. And a horseshoe keyring. All in a split-page novelty format that’s perfect for sharing with your bestie. (Take turns to ooh and ahhh.) Write about your dream horses. Stick in pony photos. Do the horse friendship quiz. Read your horse’s stars. Perfect whether you own a real horse or a stable of dream ponies.

  • The ultimate activity book for horse-loving friends
  • Includes a shiny metal horseshoe keyring to keep
  • Quizzes and fun in a format designed for sharing
  • Perfect if you have a horse or dream of owning one

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