Nat Enough

Nat isn’t sporty enough, stylish enough or talented enough. But is she brave enough to learn to love herself? Natalie has never felt cool or confident. And on the first day of middle school, it turns out things are even worse than she thought. Now she’s not even good enough for her best friend, Lily, who has dumped her for a new BFF! As Natalie tries to get Lily back, a few things start to dawn on her – things about what matters to her and what she can do. If Nat can focus on who she is, rather than who she isn’t, she might just find there’s much more to her than she thought…

  • A funny and heartfelt full-colour graphic novel
  • For fans of Dork Diaries and Raina Telgemeier
  • Themes of self-worth, friendship and resilience
  • By acclaimed cartoonist and author Maria Scrivan
  • Maria creates the Half Full US newspaper comic

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