National Geographic Kids: Dinos Sticker Activity Book

1000 stickers. Insane puzzles. Dino doodles. This book is bigger than a T-Rex. (And much smarter!) Hey kids: do you like dinosaurs? Then give us a big roar. We’ve got something VERY special for you. A book of prehistoric perfection: a place where the dinos live again. It has 1000 super stickers, and it’s packed with mazes, games and puzzles. From Stegosaurus spelling games to Diplodocus doodles, now you can meet all the fiercest, craziest dinos without going back in time!

  • A brilliant funbook from National Geographic Kids
  • All the dino facts – plus heaps of great things to do
  • Includes over 1000 amazing stickers to have fun with
  • Facts, mazes, drawing activities, puzzles and more

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