National Geographic Kids Reader: Penguins

Cute, fluffy and great at getting you reading! Get the knowledge on these black-and-white buddies. Penguins are a familiar sight in zoos, and even in your favourite films. (From Penguins of Madagascar to Happy Feet, they make adorable movie stars!) All the same, there’s a lot to learn about these surprising birds. But don’t panic – this book will fill you in on the facts, and it’s VERY cute to look at. Did you know that an emperor penguin is about the same size as you are? Or that there are no penguins at the North Pole? Or that male penguins are incredible dads? Swim, slide, shuffle and dive with these oh-so-adorable birds in a glorious reader from the creators of epic film March of the Penguins.

· Beginner reader exploring the fascinating life of penguins

· Focus on odd and funny facts that kids love reading about

· Packed with jokes, vocabulary, maps and colour photos

· Level 2 book with longer words for independent readers

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