National Geographic Kids: Ultimate Weird But True

Did you know that a great white shark can weigh as much as fifteen gorillas? That it can really rain frogs? And that some people can hear their eyeballs moving?

Welcome to Ultimate Weird But True – where truth REALLY gets stranger than fiction! Even weirder, wackier and wilder, it’s the ultimate rollercoaster ride through 1000 totally mad facts! Put together by those clever National Geographic bods, and packed with cool CGI images and amazing statistics, this super-sized book is the place to get entertained while boosting your smarts. With heaps of incredible stories topped off with 200 cool themed spreads, plus “Ultimate Secrets Revealed” panels that explain the most mind-bending facts of all, it’s the ultimate way to blow your mind and make your brain boggle!

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    29 October 2011

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