New Jungle Book Adventures #1: Spirit of the Jungle

A new Jungle Book adventure from Bear Grylls – the man who’s actually lived it! Inspired by Kipling. Set in a modern jungle. Brought to you by a true-life survival boss! Mowgli survived in the jungle. But would YOU be able to? And, for that matter, does Mak have what it takes? When he’s washed down the Wainganga River in a flash flood, Mak wakes up alone in the Indian jungle. There’s danger everywhere: poisonous snakes, cunning monkeys and ruthless poachers. Every step Mak takes might be his last. With skill, luck and cool jungle know-how, can he stay alive and get back home?

  • A gripping modern adventure inspired by The Jungle Book
  • Written by real-life explorer/survival expert Bear Grylls
  • Bear has climbed Everest and served with the SAS
  • He is also a bestselling author and TV presenter

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