Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy

Rebel hair. Rebel magic. Nixie’s not bad, but not a sugar-plum type fairy either… Do very good people make you feel slightly naughty? Then you’ll know how Nixie feels. Whenever she sees goody-goody fairy Adorabella, she suddenly has to be a teeny bit bad. Nobody ought to be that sickly-sweet. Nixie’s wand doesn’t make sparkles – it makes mischief. Rainbows and unicorns? Not her style. Meet a fairy who’s not all pink and perfect. One with punky black wings and a cheeky smile.

  • Short fiction bursting with originality, wit and charm
  • “A funny little fairy with attitude” – Jacqueline Wilson
  • Cas Lester used to make children’s TV shows for CBBC
  • She worked on Jackanory and The Story of Tracy Beaker

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