Oh My Gods

In ancient legends, Helen is the irresistible beauty who kicked off the Trojan war and changed history. But that’s just a myth. In real life, Helen is a dorky goddess living in modern London with her chaotic family. Forget Greek comedy. Her life is a total tragedy! Between Aphrodite’s new fame as a beauty vlogger and Apollo’s push to be a world-famous DJ, trying to keep a low profile is impossible. There’s no help from her dad, Zeus. He’s way too busy to care. As Helen tries to be normal, make friends and impress a cute boy, her stress is high like Mount Olympus. (But for you lucky readers, the laughs are divine!)

  • A funny take on the Greek myths, set in London
  • Think The Princess Diaries meets Percy Jackson
  • A witty treat for fans of Geek Girl and The It Girl
  • Bursting with drama, disasters and madcap laughs

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