Oscar #3: Oscar and the CATastrophe

If dogs could talk, they’d tell you they hate cats. Well, Oscar CAN talk, and that’s what he’s saying! A cat has moved in next door, and Carmen the pampered pussycat is almost as much of a nightmare neighbour as her awful owner, Mrs Bentley-Wallop. Still, Oscar and his owner Sam have bigger things to worry about. A jewel thief has struck, and our daring duo are turning detective. Oscar is sure he can sniff out the culprit. Woof! But, as this book’s title suggests, a CATastrophe is about to strike!

  • Hilarious young fiction by the author of Dirty Bertie
  • Third in a witty series about a boy and his talking dog
  • Lively short fiction which is great for building fluency
  • Perfect for older fans of Horrid Henry and Dirty Bertie

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  • Alan MacDonald

    Alan MacDonald lives in Nottingham. He writes both non-fiction and fiction as well as writing for radio and TV. He has a particularly good track record for writing page-turning and accessible historical books.


    Alan MacDonald won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for The Great Brain Robbery in 2004.

  • Awards

    Sarah Horne was won the Surrey Libraries and Dundee Children’s Book Awards for illustration.

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