Owl Diaries #4: Eva and the New Owl

More fun in Eva’s beautiful treetop world. Is three a crowd? Or can Eva, Lucy and Hailey all be friends? It’s no fun when you try to be nice, but your efforts don’t get noticed. A new owl named Hailey has started in Eva’s class at school. Eva loves meeting new people. She can’t wait to make a new friend! But when the new owl befriends Lucy instead, Eva feels very cross indeed. Lucy is Eva’s best friend! Is Eva about to lose her BFF? Or can Eva and Lucy both make a new buddy? Hmm: we reckon caring and sharing will always beat a silly fight!

  • Funny diary fiction about a young owl’s life
  • Beautifully illustrated with colour pictures
  • Simple chapter reading which builds confidence
  • By a highly acclaimed Greenaway Medal nominee

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    I ❤ this book…Because it’s soo Friendshipy!!!!👭

    21 January 2017

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