Paddington Bear #12: Paddington Here and Now

More funny adventures with Paddington! This time, our favourite bear is giving the police a big surprise. The police are used to all kinds of humans, including naughty crooks. But it’s the first time a BEAR has ever turned up to report a crime! Then comes a knock on the door at 32 Windsor Gardens. Don’t worry: it’s not the police. So who is it? Oh dear: it’s a rather unwelcome surprise visitor. He says that Paddington is a foreigner, and that he doesn’t belong with the Browns. Is it time for Paddington to decide where ‘home’ really is?

  • The twelfth classic book in this utterly adorable series
  • A more recent series addition, first published in 2008
  • A real must for fans of the delightful Paddington films
  • A charming tale of belonging, family and doing your best

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