Paddington Little Library

He’s a furry legend! Say hello to a little bear who has enchanted generations of small people with his cuddly ways and pleasant manners. Paddington is from Darkest Peru – so what’s he doing in London, clutching a marmalade sandwich and wearing a duffle coat? Find out in these gorgeous mini board books, which tell you all about Paddington Bear and his life. Get to know his human family, and join him as he says please, learns to get dressed, and shows you his favourite bits of London!

  • An adorable mini box set introducing Paddington Bear
  • Contains four mini board books in a bright storage case
  • Very simple words and colour artwork from the hit films
  • An absolute delight for little fans of this loveable bear

Book titles: Meet the Family; Paddington Says Please; Paddington Gets Dressed and Paddington Loves London.

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