Paint Your Own Zoo Babies

Your very own wild animal babies to take care of! The cutest painting kit on the planet. (It’s melted all our hearts.) Four knock-kneed fuzzy babies born in the wild are looking for a brand new home with you. Will your favourite be the young giraffe, the cuddly lion cub or the playful little elephant? This kit has four adorable baby animals to paint, plus six paints, a brush and a booklet of fantastic facts. Just gorgeous.

  • Creative fun with four model zoo animals to paint
  • Includes a paintbrush and six mini pots of colour
  • Instruction book full of ideas to get you started
  • Collect them, display them or play games with them

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  • this is fun and great and enjoyable with friends and family when you have nothing to do and on a rainy day

    8 March 2014

  • liked it

    iam looking fuwud to see it

    9 May 2013

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