Paw Patrol: The Pups Save Christmas!

These brave pups are used to saving animals in trouble. But now it’s time for a different kind of rescue. Santa has flown into a blizzard and crashed his sleigh. Uh-oh! Luckily, everyone’s fine – but the presents are scattered all over Adventure Bay. Oh dear! It’s up to the clever Paw Patrol pups to fix the sleigh, round up the reindeer, find the presents and get Santa back in the air. Three cheers for our heroes! They’ve saved Christmas for the world. Will they get any presents at the end of it all?

  • Jolly festive adventure where the pups save Santa
  • Picture book with a longer text for growing readers
  • Beautifully illustrated with full-page colour artwork
  • Exciting Christmassy story with a feelgood ending

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