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How do YOU like to read books? Do you stand on one leg like a flamboyant flamingo? Or lie on your tummy like a cunning crocodile? Reckon you could read swinging upside down like a mischievous monkey? (That’s clever!) All the jungle animals have their own favourite way to read books. So when Olaf the giraffe finds a book, he can’t wait to peek inside it. Trouble is, all the other critters keep barging in and saying he’s doing it all wrong! So Olaf stomps off – but he soon feels lonely. Maybe SHARING might just be his favourite way to enjoy a book…

  • A charming picture book by an up-and-coming talent
  • Celebrates the joy of reading and finding your own way
  • Fabi Santiago is the acclaimed creator of Tiger in a Tutu
  • She was shortlisted for the Waterstones Book Prize 2017

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