Phonics Word Families Flip Chart

Words have families too – and they can help you read and spell better. Flip this chart to start. Think you have the best family ever? Well, get this – words also have families: other words that closely resemble them. Imagine: ‘hat’ looks and sounds almost like ‘rat’. ‘Tree’ sounds like ‘free’. And that sounds like a brilliant way to make reading and writing much easier. Once you master one word, it’s simple to read and spell other words in the same family. Just to make it even easier, here’s a clever flip chart to get you started. It’s full of bright artwork and short everyday words.

  • Bright novelty flip chart which introduces word families
  • Children will love matching up words and pictures
  • Very easy way to learn first reading and spelling
  • Mastering just one word in a family unlocks the rest

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