Pivot Point

There are two futures for Addie – and she has the power to see them both. Romance, mystery, murder: a supernatural Sliding Doors. Addison Coleman’s life is one big ‘what if?’. She has the gift of seeing… well, not just the future. More like the possible futures: both outcomes of any choice. So when Addie’s parents split up and she has to pick who to live with, it’s natural to peek ahead. In one future, Addie stays happily with mom, and (bonus) catches the eye of the hottest guy in school. In the other, she’s the new girl in a school far away, falling for a cute, quiet artist. But then Addie is drawn into a murder case, and both her futures take a dark turn…

  • A thrilling supernatural tale of mystery and destiny
  • A great choice for fans of Before I Fall and If I Stay
  • Kasie West is the author of several popular teen reads
  • They include The Fill-In Boyfriend and Lucky in Love

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