Practical Jokes Kit

If you’re feeling tricksy and you’ve got some time to kill, why not give yourself a giggle? This cheeky little box is stuffed with naughty pranks and horrid tricks to leave you chuckling like a loon! Whether you’re making your friends blush with fake rude noises or freaking out your family with a gross maggot attack, there’s loads of stuff in here to make others groan with horror – while you groan with laughter!

  • Colour handbook with over 40 practical jokes
  • A whoopee cushion, rude noise putty and more
  • With a smart presentation box and fake spider
  • All the classic pranks – plus some new ones!

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  • I have ordered this book but I need your advice if its good or not im not so keen on it

    17 April 2013

  • i love jokes so i would love the practical jokes

    2 March 2012

  • okay

    I think this book is okay because when you prank your friends it is funny and hilarious. However, after a while it gets boring when you play the jokes on your friends because they will already know the trick therefore it is only good for a short period of time.

    9 January 2011

  • this book is hilarious

    lost the book though

    3 October 2010

  • This is gross it good for tricks I scared my mum with it. :)

    3 April 2010

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