Prisoner of Ice and Snow

Welcome to the scary ice jail of Tyur’ma. Trust us, it’s no ice hotel. With its brutal regime and impossibly high walls, it’s the most notorious place in the whole kingdom of Demidova. No one has escaped for over 300 years. But it’s exactly where Valor wants to be. She’s just been arrested for trying to kill the crown prince. Now she’s been sentenced to life in Tyur’ma: the cruel, frozen prison hewn of stone and ice. So why isn’t she screaming and running? Well – her twin sister is locked up there too. Now Valor must break them both out. It’s insane. It’s impossible. It’s suicide. But Valor has made up her mind.

  • A riveting fantasy full of chilling wintry atmosphere
  • Perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell and Piers Torday
  • A powerful story of courage, sisterhood and rebellion
  • Vivid world-building in an accessible mid-length story

“Fab middle grade fantasy – it’s been described as a cross between Frozen and Prison Break, which sounds about right!” Bookbag

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