Aw! Say hello to a chubby pug in a unicorn’s world! Every year, little princes and princesses arrive at Mrs Paws’ Magic Pet shop to pick a unicorn as a pet. But this year Princess Ava has arrived too late. There are no unicorns left – only PUGICORN! He’s short and hairy. He can’t sit still or gallop gracefully, and he definitely can’t leap over rainbows. On the plus side, he is very friendly and cute! He’s not at all what Ava was expecting. But could a pugicorn turn out to be her perfect friend?

  • Meet the world’s first pugicorn in this lovely tale
  • This quirky friendship story is a feelgood delight
  • By the creative team behind the acclaimed Starwhal
  • Perfect for fans of Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop

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