Pugly Solves a Crime

Can’t resist a pug? This squashy ball of cuteness is brought to you by one of our fave authors. Oh, and he won’t just sniff your hand. He’s busy sniffing out crimes! Pugly’s not the kind of dog who lies by the fire all day long, waiting for tidbits to land in his lap. Boring! Pugly chases life like other dogs chase a tennis ball. And now an EMERGENCY has struck! Big Sal the guinea pig has been guinea pig-napped! Pugly must turn PUG-TECTIVE! Who is behind this wicked crime? Glitterpuff the fancy poodle, or maybe Tiny the chihuahua? And how cute can Pugly look in a detective hat? He’s got to find clues, interview suspects and (best of all) have a stake-out with real STEAK

  • Meet the world’s cutest, bravest, most adventurous pug!
  • Heartwarming fun from favourite author Pamela Butchart
  • Pamela writes the hilarious Wigglesbottom Primary books
  • She also writes the award-winning Baby Aliens series

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