Puppy Princess #1: Party Time!

What’s it like to be a puppy princess who’ll one day be queen of Petrovia? Well – the answer is, kind of annoying at times! Princess Rosie doesn’t want to be perfect, parading about in sparkly tiaras. She wants to roll in muddy puddles! And how will she ever meet a best friend if she’s stuck in the castle all the time? So one day, Rosie decides to follow her destiny – even more fun than following the scent of a sizzling sausage! But when she sneaks out into the kingdom to find a best friend, who will she meet? And will Rosie make it back in time for the Royal Garden Party?

  • First in a charming new series about Rosie’s adventures
  • Kids will love reading about this brave puppy princess
  • Explores the balance between fun and responsibility
  • Mid-length text helps confident readers build fluency

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