Rainbow Magic Fashion Fairies: Alexa the Fashion Reporter Fairy

The fashion reporter from the Tippington Times is having a terrible day. She muddles up her words, forgets her notepad and generally gets in a fluster. Could this be something to do with Jack Frost’s naughty goblins, who have stolen Alexa’s magical item? Unless the Fashion Reporter Fairy can get her magic back, the press coverage of the show will be a disaster!

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  • liked it

    This book was good. i am into the fairy book collection a bit. i wonder if u could make up a challenge about the book and make a quiz? That would be like totes fun.

    15 April 2020

  • Really Good!

    23 November 2012

  • i love these fairy books there the best i wonder if u can get all of them for free love it love it love IT the best books ever

    18 September 2012

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