Rainbow Magic: Sweet Fairies Pack x 7

Sweeter than sugar! These cute-as-candy fairies help to keep life tasting good. The problem: they’re up against a yucky rival – nasty old Jack Frost! When Jack Frost interferes, nothing tastes half as nice anymore. The cookie machine at Candy Land breaks down. Goblins ruin the Fairyland ice cream supply. And all the candyfloss at the fun fair turns green. Gross! If you like sweet treats, help the fairies fight back!

  • Delicious reading from a bestselling series
  • Over 29 million Rainbow Magic books sold
  • Easy-read tales with lots of repeated words
  • Great way to motivate children to read more

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    It is good!

    8 July 2013

  • Lottie the Lollipop Fairy

    I love reading Rainbow Magic books and enjoyed this one as much as the other stories. My favourite part was when Rachel and Kirsty saved the day. I loved how Rachel and Kirsty always have a great adventure but I also always wonder what Jack Frost and the Goblins will get up to next. I didn’t like it when all of the sweets went wrong because of Jack Frost. The Goblins are very very silly and made me laugh a lot. I think this book is great for girls who love fairies and adventures.

    Coco the Cupcake Fairy

    When I saw the book I was very excited as I love making cupcakes and eating them. My favourite part was when Rachel and Kirsty saved the day and all the cupcakes looked really nice. I love what Coco is wearing. I did not like it when Rachel and Kirstys cakes went wrong because of Jack Frost. I love reading Rainbow magic stories as there is always an adventure and a happy ending. This book is great for girls 5-7 who likes adventures and fairies.

    Madison, aged 6

    16 April 2013

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