Raven Mysteries #4: Vampires and Volts

It’s Halloween, and the Otherhands are enjoying the Annual Pumpkin Hunt and preparing for the Great Halloween Ball. Minty is all-of-a-flutter, Solstice is busy spraying fake cobwebs everywhere, and Cudweed seems hungrier than ever and oddly preoccupied with ‘fresh brains’. But when the guests for the ball start to arrive, it’s not long before wily Edgar works out that there’s a preponderance of vampires – and not all of them have false teeth! Just when he’s about to solve the latest mystery at Otherhand Castle, the lights go out…

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  • Awards

    Marcus Sedgwick’s awards include the Branford Boase Award, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, the Blue Peter Prize and in 2014 won the Americal Library Association’s Michael L. Printz award for Midwinterblood.

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