Real Life Monsters

All the horrid critters you love to be scared by, from vampire bats to very poisonous snakes. It’s great fun to enjoy being deliciously scared by a spooky monster story. But not all monsters are a myth! Now you can get daringly close to nature’s scariest real-life horrors. Vampire bats, man-eating komodo dragons; even a colossal squid with tooth-lined tentacles of terror. All your favourite fiends of nature are here, in colour pictures to take your breath away.

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  • I have not read this yet, but some of this seems like a misunderstanding of amazing and beautiful, or odd, animals, such as the Vampire bat and the Komodo dragon, as it is impossible for vampire bats to kill you, unless they have a disease, and pass it on to you by licking your blood, which is unlikely s they prefer large mammals, such as cows.

    23 January 2013

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