Rhinocorn Rules!

Rhino – or unicorn? A tale full of big-hearted joy. Ron is a rhino like no other. He doesn’t like to live by the usual rhino rules. The rules say that rhinos are grey and grumpy and lonesome. But Ron wants to dress up and dance, make friends and have loads of fun! So one day, Ron gives himself a makeover. Sparkly stars, a shiny horn… Hang on! He’s not a rhino! He’s a rhinocorn! All the animals think he’s AMAZING. But his family are shocked. He’s breaking all the rules! Can they learn to love Ron as he is?

  • A vibrant picture book about daring to be different
  • Beautifully bright artwork and an uplifting story
  • By the author of Superbat, Spyder and Rocketmole
  • Themes of self-acceptance and making new friends

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