Rick isn’t the type to question things. He’s always gone along with people – like his best friend Jeff, even when Jeff acts like a bully and a jerk. He’s let his father joke about the hot girls he might want to date, even though that kind of talk always makes him feel weird inside. And he hasn’t given his own identity much thought, either. After all, everyone else around him seems to have it figured out. But what if Rick stopped being a follower and found his own dreams? Where would he end up if he went his own way?

  • The second irresistible book by the author of George
  • This is just as uplifting, groundbreaking and joyous
  • An LGBTQ+ story about finding your place in the world
  • Explores the universal journey of discovering who you are
  • George won the Children’s Stonewall Award among others

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  • Awards

    Winner of the 2016 Stonewall Book Award for George.

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