Rose Campion and the Christmas Mystery

Snow! Secrets! Stolen jewels! The perfect winter mystery: wild suspense and festive frolics. As a baby, Rose was found at the door of Campion’s Palace of Variety and Wonders. She’s grown up among its music hall folk. Now it’s nearly Christmas – which means pantomime season! But Rose is too worried to giggle at the fun. The Duchess, who rules London’s criminal underworld, has just got out of prison. She wants to steal a priceless emerald necklace. Plus, she wants revenge on Rose! Meanwhile, mysterious hypnotist Madame de Valentina is pulling in crowds at Campions. But how does she talk to the souls of departed loved ones – before they’ve even died?

  • A snowy, suspenseful mystery set in Victorian London
  • Wonderfully colourful setting at Campion’s music hall
  • The third mystery starring crime-busting heroine Rose
  • Perfect holiday entertainment for a winter’s afternoon
  • Written by the Guardian theatre critic Lyn Gardner
  • For fans of The Sinclair’s Mysteries and Cat Royal

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