Row, Row, Row Your Boat

So sweet, so fresh: Jane’s lovely art sweeps you away on a magical ride. Make the animal noises. Is there a more enchanting song than Row Your Boat? We don’t think so. Now Jane Cabrera turns this timeless melody into a thrilling jungle journey. It’s a fantasy trip through pages of chattering monkeys, snapping crocodiles and huge elephants. With glorious lush pictures, rhyming verses to sing and animal noises to make. Hop aboard and row along with the lop-eared puppy and shy kitten. You’ll always regret it if you don’t.

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  • Jane Cabrera

    Jane Cabrera is a distinctive and popular children’s illustrator who has enjoyed great success with both critics and readers. She has worked successfully with Macmillan’s Baby Campbell list and her first titles for Scholastic, Blue Square, Green Star, Red Triangle and Yellow Circle, were described by Junior as ‘Simple and sweet’. She lives in Devon with her husband and young family.

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