Scholastic Classics: Ghost Stories

Spook-out bliss. Hello, dark autumn nights! There are ghost stories that you share around a campfire with your mates. But not these: so dark and bizarre they’re best saved for a cosy hearth indoors. The Body Snatcher (eek). The Masque of the Red Death. Charles Dickens’s The Signal-Man. Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. Just right for autumn/winter evenings with the doors locked and the curtains drawn. Basically: the greatest names in literature telling spooky stories that raise every hair on the back of your neck, and make you savour every whispered word.

  • Timeless tales of terror in a sumptuous hardback edition
  • Spooky entertainment for dark autumn and winter nights
  • Classic authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and M.R. James
  • Fabulously atmospheric and spine-chilling tales of horror

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